I don’t believe in Romance

For Alvi LanaIMG-20170723-WA0011

There are certain times I hold my breath and, pull the tail of my loneliness and asked myself why I fall for you again after those years had gone by. And under the million stars I walked, I imagined and looked amongst the stars to see who would be the one my heart finds happiness with. To be honest I’m happy with you, is beyond my logic.

But sometimes I stand still and thought for a little while questioning if my happiness with you walk on broken glass. Even if I, I’ve prepared for a broken battle. I guess you know the hardest thing in life; to buy the truth from someone and sell it not away. This perhaps is the scariest thing too. And I have set my heart upon the deep to let you buy my truthfulness in a little while you are ready not to sell it away to a passenger. There’s an astonishing thing in you which I can never resist myself from looking at you. YOUR EYES! I will always look at you with my eyes half-shut. I’ve learned to respect your personality and at the time I’ve learned the third way of loving you. You love black and it is some kind of good thing that you let me know. In a day long, talking to you makes me feel like I am on my way to the second day twice. And I wish you could be my mother someday. I hope this doesn’t sound ridiculous.

You are the only woman I think about, after I have walked alone in the evening sunset for a long time.

But please don’t keep smiling at me if you are not to hold me back tight, else I will fall for you deeper when it will be too late to cry for you.

Life is full of Ifs “LifE” and no one knows when the last goodbye is. So, in this short life, why can’t we love someone truly? I have only one heart, one life and one soul. That one thing I’m ready to give you. Your personality is unique and so in return, I want to be a man with a mysterious attitude. If only you will lend me your ear I will whisper you the best ever story everyday differently. To be true every relationship must start with Jesus, respect and discipline. That, it will go well and last long.

Don’t ever bring back the past and make yourself worry. It will only fade away your beauty inside of you. I have asked myself many times why time travels forward but not backward. But time still goes forward and faster. And again I asked why we can remember the past but not the future. Past is long gone so, Don’t think back the things that hurt you. This may sound absurd. But I have already found the way to see my future. Simple! Be changed now.

You are different from all the women I have met. I find your attitude with a gentle way like a fire softly burning in the winter. Your smile makes me happy all day long and your eyes, ouch! Secret.

There’s one secret thing I want to tell you which most women do not know. “SIGH OF A WOMAN”. You will soon know it.

You do not understand me when I say I’m scare. You do not imagine when I say I forgive you. And you do not listen to my silence. Yet, I still admire you. What will you think of me if I don’t speak of how I feel for you but write all the feelings I have for you and act upon you?  It’s beyond my logic and contemplation. If you ask me to choose between Romance and Loneliness, I would choose Loneliness readily. 

I only have to tell you that life is not an entertainment. It is not a fun either. But a mystery. And you are such a mysterious woman who I admire the most. So today is your day to show the world how beautiful your attitude is.

I don’t have to promise you that I will climb the highest mountain or swim across the ocean. I don’t have to lay my fake promises upon you or tell you sweet words to win over your heart. Because I don’t believe in Romance. It is a big liar but I believe in Faithful heart and I’d rather love someone truly in silence than romance. And When I fall for someone, I fall for her with respect, discipline and truth. 

Why do people divorce, break up or flirt? Or does people think these as a way of fashion in relationship? This is some kind of crap. From this point, I say romance is a liar, a crime. I wish divorce, break up and flirt doesn’t ever exist. The best love story is not Romance but Loving someone with faithful heart despite one’s weaknesses and mistakes. Love doesn’t hurt but loving the wrong person does. If we have respect for someone in a relationship, there’s no way to get hurt. If we Have a faithful heart for someone today, the fruit will pass on to our children tomorrow. Stepping into relationship is not a romance but to change someone’s bended attitude, to make someone’s life beautiful and drawing that person to a true life. In fact, it is to change someone’s life. Until I posses the power to change someone’s life, I won’t fall for that person. It’s a matter of choosing right person for soul-mate.  And when I Love you, to Your family, My TRUE respect will always be there. Very true!

Betou, I want to be a simple man yet a tough and unique man and I just love listening to what you say because it makes me happy though I’m not sure for how long you will make me happy. But this, I write to you so that the whole world will know about you and me for years and years and the story will go on even if we go on our own way some day. And I will always cherish these moments with you even when the years goes by.

                          You are uniquely beautiful!


                      Graceson Malangmei




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